Digital Marketing
Are you looking for ways to unlock digital potential of your business and solutions that drive results? We provide full-cycle services of digital marketing to boost your business
Marketing strategy
USD 800
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  • We will build a marketing strategy for your business according to the terms of reference
  • We will finish our work on time
  • We prevent all possible marketing mistakes
  • We optimize marketing business processes
App store optimization
USD 990
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  • We will increase organic traffic to your mobile app from App Store and Google Play
  • We will focus your business on achieving the objective you have set
  • We will attract new users and increase your mobile app installs
  • We will boost your mobile app conversion rate
CRM marketing
USD 800
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  • We analyze the history of purchases of your clients
  • We will reveal patterns of buying behavior
  • We will segment your client base
  • We will expand the segmentation capabilities
USD 1000
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  • We will build a unified system for accounting applications on the site and the effectiveness of each channel
  • We will put on additional features and partner codes on the website
  • We will analyze the traffic and offer right solutions based on this da
  • We visualize data into explicit reports and charts
USD 900
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  • We build a unique strategy
  • We will help you create your brand
  • We attract target customers through social networks
  • We will increase sales taking into account your budget
Сontextual advertising
USD 2000
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  • We will select right keywords for right contextual advertising
  • We will always find something to improve or add to make your sales grow faster
  • We will implement all necessary changes in your advertising company and provide you with feedback
  • We will provide lead generation for your website
USD 1300
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  • We optimize your site for search engines to get more efficient promotion
  • We will develop a promotion strategy and bring your site to the top
  • We minimize technical errors on the site
  • We work on your SEO positions, attendance, and request number increases
USD 1200
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  • We define right promotion channels
  • We will develop a promotion plan
  • We will test advertising campaigns
  • We will find additional channels for attracting traffic
USD 1000
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  • We reduce cost per lead
  • We clearly define the target audience
  • We increase your services and products sales on social networks
  • We provide detailed reports
USD 900
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  • We analyze the current situation
  • We build a SERM strategy
  • We create a positive image of your company in search engines
  • We use innovations to optimize and monitor search engines
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
Why business turn to KeyGroup
Proof of quality
ОFeedback from our clients is the best way to see our success
Selling strategies
Our work is based on current strategy and the insights of your particular case
Complex approach
Creation of a startup from scratch by specialists of various profiles who will lead you from an idea to success
We’re the world’s multiply agency
On average 6 months needed to go live
Expert level team with comprehensive experience
14 years of experience
Increased engagement on site
Unique visitors within 2 month of launch
Up to 50%
Customer acquisition costs reduction
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You asked, we’re answering
Why should I consider my digital marketing strategy?
Marketing has always been about meeting a client wherever they spend their time. And today, the internet is a major hangout. Digital communication is the modern key to commercial efficiency, but it is to be used with caution. Structuring and planning a digital marketing campaign is crucial for ensuring that all of your marketing channels are working towards your goal.
What are the advantages of digital marketing?
The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. Other digital marketing advantages include increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales.
What digital marketing channels do you use?
Digital marketing channels are the platforms we use to communicate your brand, product or service to your target audience. We use various digital marketing channels: email marketing, SMM, SEO, ad management, SEO, web analytics, ASO, performance marketing.
Is there B2B digital marketing?
Yes. With an effective digital marketing strategy, we can help our B2B client build the ideal customer base; reduce marketing costs; increase CPL; automate activities and save time.
I am an owner of a small business. Will digital marketing work for me?
Yes! With digital marketing, even small and medium-sized businesses can dramatically increase brand awareness, as well as increase sales of goods and services. Digital marketing will be a great solution for small businesses to develop their brand, as it is the most cost-effective and at the same time effective way to promote.
How do I know that my digital marketing strategy is working?
The key indicator of your digital marketing strategy is an increase in sales and profits, as well as bossing recognition of your brand among customers. Our team is ready to provide a full report, showing the results of the work. For example, we will show the traffic and where it comes from, define your target audience, and determine whether your ad platforms match your ad requirements.
How can we help?
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