Finance & Accounting
We provide full support in financial, accounting, or tax accounting processes, turnkey audits or spot issues for companies in the Russian Federation, EU, USA, and Hong Kong
USD 4500
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  • We will conduct an overall objective, and punctual assessment of the financial condition of your company
  • We will prepare a plan and working tools for possible optimization of processes
Forecasting & Modeling
USD 4500
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  • We will prepare a financial model business plan according to the requirements of the end user i.e. internal users of the company, shareholders, banks, strategic investors, business partners for possible optimization of processes
  • We will analyze and estimate business plans and financial models for banks and investors
  • We will make an overall economic evaluation of a project
  • We will estimate synergy for all kind of deals
Personal Financial & Wealth Management.
USD 5000
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  • We will define your long-term goals
  • We will make an investment profile including risk attitude, desired profitability, and other individual characteristics for your particular case.
  • We will build a long-term investment profile for your business including making an agreement on investment policy
  • Get our support on each stage of your investment profile making
Tax Consulting
USD 4500
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  • We will assist you in tax accounting in Russia, EU, USA, Hong Kong
  • Get full support in choosing the best tax system for your business in particular local jurisdiction
USD 5000
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  • We provide financial, accounting, and audit services in the EU, USA, and Hong Kong (price depends on the size of your business)
  • We provide financial, accounting, and audit services in the Russian Federation (price depends on the size of your business)
  • We will advise you on any issue concerning the accounting process
  • We are ready to take over your accounting
Preparation and analysis of CFC reports
USD 2000
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  • We will involve tax consultants with extensive practical experience in dealing with CFC issues and interacting with tax authorities in your company
  • We will consult on all aspects of the CFC
  • We will help you prepare and submit reports on the CFC
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
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How do you differ from your competitors?
Ordinary accounting services imply only a simple reflection of a business transaction and are an integral part of a service package.
In addition to accounting, we implement an integrated approach, including a thorough preliminary analysis, the development of effective methods of conducting activities and accounting, and their implementation and control. We monitor changes in legislation in order to punctually adjust the developed scheme. We work individually on each particular case.
How much do your services cost?
The total amount of the contract is determined by the amount of work either one-time or full time option. As a rule, the monthly payments are significantly lower than when you hire full-time staff.
Choose the services you need to determine the final price.
Are you responsible for all the liabilities?
Yes. We are responsible for the tax and accounting of your company in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and the concluded contract.
What guarantees do you provide to your clients?
Our responsibility for punctual reporting and correct reflection of business transactions in accounting is spelled out in the contract. In case of accrual of fines to your company due to the fault of our specialist, our company compensates for the material damage caused.
How can we help?
In case you don’t know where to start, let’s make a call and find out what you need!
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