Digital ads
Advertisements allow you to get traffic and target clients to your company's website. We set up the context ads to show them to the audience interested in your products and needs them at the moment
Search campaigns in Google Ads
USD 500
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  • We will get your site on top of search results
  • We create advertisements
  • We will help you build or optimize a successful media placement strategy
  • We will set up your advertising campaign in the way you need it
  • We optimize the advertising budget, reduce cost and boost the number of clicks
Smart banners
USD 200
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  • We will show ads to users who have been interested in specific products but have not bought them yet
  • We will find users who visited your site and show them relevant ads, making them visit again
  • We take care of the visual design of your banners
  • We measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign
Google Ads
USD 300
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  • We set up Google Analytics
  • We will create unique graphic and textual ads based on the information you provide
  • We will disable ineffective ads, track audience burnout, and create new ads
  • We will post video ads on YouTube
  • We will provide you with videos that hit the spot and cover your target audience
Google Merchant Center Ads
USD 400
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  • We will sign you up for Google Merchant Center and set up your account
  • We will build your ads account structure
  • We will show your products to potential customers at the right time when they are looking for them
  • We will start banner ads for your products
  • We will set up conversions in Google Analytics
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
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How does contextual advertising work?
Contextual advertising works by matching the content of a webpage with the content of an ad. Searching for something on the Internet, the clients get the ads that lead to websites with the goods and services they are looking for.
How to order contextual advertising?
Are you looking for affordable ways how to attract customers quickly? Contact us and we will help you place your ads. Be sure we will provide you with all help you need. If you are promoting your business using websites, you definitely need to use contextual advertising. Contact us and we will help you make your clients more interested in your goods and services.
What does contextual advertising look like?
The most famous search engines now are Google and Yandex. Contextual advertising placed on these websites will help attract new customers and increase your sales.
Contextual advertising looks like a highlighted area with a block of ads that lead the client to the site with a product needed.
The clients open a webpage with detailed information about the advertised products and services by clicking on an advertisement.
This type of advertising is effective and profitable at the same time since you are charged for each successful click.
What can I promote with contextual advertising?
You can promote almost any kind of goods and services. For example:

- online stores good (clothes, shoes, building materials, electronics, etc.);
- services (cosmetology and medical, educational, household, Internet marketing, etc.);
- information products (video lessons, video training, tutorials, etc.).
Can I see how contextual advertising works?
We create ad accounts for our clients and give them full access to manage and control them.
The client can freely view and analyze all statistical data. Our managers help in case the data is complicated to understand.
How long will it take to set up and start advertising?
On average, setting up and launching a contextual campaign takes 5-10 working days.
How can we help?
In case you don’t know where to start, let’s make a call and find out what you need!
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